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Blog#10: Afflicted gets a tagline & D&D is AWESOME!

September 1, 2022

Hello there!

I suppose it’s about time for another post. Life has been pretty wild lately, and not in a good way.

Last time I wrote about a hard reset. It turns out that’s exactly what we needed…just not in the way we thought. We’re back in California for the time being, who knows for how long, but I’m rolling with it.

Website Updates incoming (at some point)

In 2022, I finally decided to give Dungeons & Dragons a real ‘go’. Not just having my brother do the sheets, or half-assing it, I’m talking learning stuff, doing big campaigns and going fully RP (role-playing). It’s the best decision I’ve made all year. I’m having an absolute blast, and am in Part 2 of a homebrew (custom) campaign designed by our amazing DM (dungeon master/the boss) that’s taken us from level 1, to currently sitting at level 13.

I will be changing the Pateron Tab (which I can’t seem to figure out) to ‘D&D’, and will be posting the videos of our sessions (that are also streamed live through my twitch), as well as the unique recaps written in the form of my character’s diary. I also need to learn how to edit videos, so the early posts may be a little rough!

I can’t say enough good things about the people I play with. We are such a mis-match of personalities IRL, and in game, and each session our DM has to keep up with our…less than conventional solutions to the problems and enemies he throws at us. A little story teaser: our group are trapped outside of spacetime, and we’re definitely not quantum leaping jumping to points in history to try and alter it to stop the destruction of the multiverse…and maybe start a socialist uprising in between turning demons into mice and turtles. You know, the usual. 🙂

If you like beginner D&D thats heavy on the RP, check us out. Our sessions are usually on Sundays at 3pm US Pacific time (and when I say 3…I mean 3.30/3.45, because we usually just bullshit for half an hour, and when does D&D ever start on time?).

Now, about the book, hah, that old thing!

After the bout of Covid that almost ended me and two cross country moves, amongst other crap, efforts for publication have begun to ramp up. The big sample went out to TOR, and I’m trying to keep expectations low. I’ve been accepted into the Gotham Writers Conference Roudtables next month, so that’s pretty cool too!

I’m currently finishing up the ‘2022’ draft, which incorporates the professional advice and feedback from the Dec 2021 draft. We’re in a good place. The word count’s dropping, the story is tighter, but the ‘feel’ is still there. Everything will be done by October, in time for Gotham. Oh, I also updated the sample chapter on offer, which you can find here.

Oh, yeah, after years of trying to think of a ‘tagline’ for Afflicted, I randomly came up with something about thirty minutes ago.

“We were their beginning. They are our end.” 

So far everyone whose seen it thinks its pretty cool, and I have a tough audience, so I’m feeling good about it!

OK, that’s it for now. Keep an eye out for the D&D stuff, even if you don’t play or are unsure, I’d check us out. It’s rad. Also, If you could drop by my Twitch and throw me a follow I’d appreciate it. If you enjoy watching people suffer in PvP video games, you’ll enjoy my streams. My ability to do them is a little limited right now, hoping that changes in the near future.

Thank you for the support, much love!

DG out.

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